Photographs from Company B, 20th Engineers during their deployment in Iraq. Photos are courtesy of Major David Woodruff, who commanded the company at that time.

Company Formation

Soldiers Being Awarded the Purple Heart


LTC Holmes, the battalion commander, promoting members of Company B

Change of Command Ceremony

Combat Operations in Iraq

Soldiers from the Assault & Obstacle Platoon Dig Out an IED (Improvised Explosive Device)

Digging out an IED with supervision from EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

SGT Knight on a night raid

Searching for a buried weapons cache

On Patrol in Baghdad

On Patrol in Sadr City

Outer cordon of a "cordon and search" operation

Preparing for a patrol

Clearing weapons after a patrol

The aftermath of a long night

Lumberjacks of Company B

SGT Richardson and guidon

SPC Baker and SGT Tork

SPC Devoge

SPC Evering with Dan Rather of CBS News

SPC Love, PFC Stoops, and SGT Labistita

Supply, ready to ride!

SSG Campbell, SGT Richardson, and SPC Wadliegh

Members of 1st Platoon

Hardest working mechanics in the Army!

Let's Roll!

The M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge

One of the company's AVLBs

Lifting the bridge from an AVLB

The M9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE)

Quick game during some much needed downtime

At Fort Hood before deploying to Iraq