1st Cavlary Division - Korea

Operations in Korea
Operation Foal Eagle '95

One of the contingency operations of the 1st Cavalry Division and 20th Engineer Battalion was the defense of South Korea. In the fall of 1995 the division's 1st Brigade exercised that contingency, first by several leader-only reconnaissances of the ground, and later by participating in Operation Foal Eagle.

Boarding an LST to recon Pusan Harbor

Operation Foal Eagle '95 involved the deployment of the 1st Brigade's headquarters and 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry. Their corresponding engineer units, the headquarters of the 20th Engineer Battalion and Company C, 20th Engineers, also deployed. All unit equipment was loaded on a ship and sent to Korea; however, the ship was delayed en route, and the exercised turned into a command and control exercise only, with few troops actually sent to Korea.

The Asst S-3 of the 20th Engineer Battalion, 1st. Lt. Hardy, takes part in an operations briefing

The operation was conducted alongside the Republic of Korea Army's 9th Infantry Division, "White Horse." The 20th Engineers worked closely with their counterparts in the ROK 9th Engineer Battalion.

Combined operations with the Korean Army

At the end of the exercise, representatives of the two armies spent a little time celebrating the success of the operation.

Participants in the exercise earned the Korea Defense Service Medal.