20th Engineer Battalion
Unit home page

54th Engineer Battalion
Formerly 2nd Battalion, 20th Engineer Regiment

Traditions, heraldry and lineage, and campaigns and decorations of the 20th Engineers

36th Engineer Brigade
Parent unit of the 20th Engineers at Fort Hood

The Forest History Society

Excellent research site on the 10th and 20th Engineers in WW1

WW2 20th Engineer Combat Battalion
Living Historians

A group of re-enactors in the upper Midwest US

The 20th Combat Engineer Association of World War II

is the official organization of World War II veterans of the 20th Engineer Regiment, to include its descendants the 1171st Engineer Group, the 20th Engineer Battalion, and the 1340th Engineer Battalion. Their monthly newsletter remains titled The Wavy Arrow. There is no website, but the editor of the newsletter may be contacted through the webmaster of this website.

A Tribute to the 1340th Engineer Combat Battalion WWII

Wonderful photos from the 2nd Battalion, 20th Engineers (later the 1340th Engineer Battalion), from the collection of Kenneth L Sturgill, son of S/Sgt Elmer Lee Sturgill

The History Channel

Focused on the Vietnam era of the 20th Engineers

III Corps and Fort Hood

Home station of the present-day 20th Engineers

1st Cavalry Division Association

History of the 1st Cavalry Division, to which the 20th Engineers were formerly assigned, and still are often task organized

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Engineer School

Army Engineer Association

Society of American Military Engineers