The 20th Engineers deployed to Bosnia in 1998 as part of a 1st Cavlary Division rotation to that war-torn country.

Combat engineers from Company A, 20th Engineers and the Romanian Army consult blue prints as they erect a Mabey and Johnson bridge at Camp Demi near Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Sept. 28, 1998. The flooding Drinjaca river damaged the supports of the present bridge leading to the American army compound, which was forced to close the gate used for heavy vehicle traffic. The construction of the bridge is a combined effort between the 2nd Platoon, Company A, 20th U.S. Engineers; 1st Platoon, Company A, 40th U.S. Engineers, from Idar Oberstein, Germany; Brown and Root civilian contractors; and Romanian Army Engineers. The engineers were deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina to support Operation Joint Forge. DoD photos by Staff Sgt. Lisa Zunzanyika-Carpenter, U.S. Air Force.

Specialist Mark Costa, Company C, 20th Engineers in Bosnia
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with Russian Airborne Engineers and the US 20th Engineers

Soldiers from the 20th Engineers use their brute strength to push the partially constructed Mabey and Johnson bridge into position.

Company A, 20th Engineers and Norwegian Combat Engineers
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True to their Forestry roots, sappers from the 20th Engineers use a chain saw to cut timber to be used to level the bridge being constructed at Camp Demi.